How to type special characters

If you wish to include superscript, subscript, boldface, italics and certain special characters, you can do so by inserting HTML tags, as explained below.

If you are unable to type any of the characters shown in the examples below, you can simply copy and paste them from this screen.
(To copy in Windows, highlight the character. While holding down the Control key, type "c." Move the cursor to the point at which you want to enter the character. While holding down the Control key, type "v." In the Mac OS, follow the same procedure, substituting the Command key for the Control key.)

To enter any character not shown here, send an e-mail with your request to

If you want to use the following in your text, please type the code exactly as you see below. The HTML tags must appear before and after the word or character.


To type a superscripted "+," enter as follows:
Na<SUP>+</SUP> ---> Na+

To type a subscripted "2," enter as follows:
H<SUB>2</SUB>O ---> H2O

To italicize a word or string of characters, enter as follows:
<I>c-fos</I> ---> c-fos

To make a word or string of characters appear as bold, enter as follows:
<B>Bold</B> ---> Bold


How to use other special characters .